Why do straights hate gays?

Why do striaghts hate gays?

Um – we do? The people I’ve met who hate gays also hate anyone-not-their-color, think little of the opposite sex, think not-my-politics-types should be shot, and are generally just fucking retarded in multiple aspects.

Gay issues with straight people, broken down:

  • Military: Dude – when I can shower with a group of women soldiers and share tents with hotties you can join the military (and I might finally join up as well). But seriously, I think this is the issue… the old adage “women are bad luck on boats” is all about sexual tension and nothing about women being incompitent or anything like that. I think it’s the same for the military. You’re 1/10 status doesn’t really make this worth it for the military.
  • The flamer: This remains a mystery to me. I love ’em, they’re hysterical, but, isn’t this a totally (unnecessary) act? Man, if looks could kill, I was laughing at a particularly comical flamer at Brian and Hiro’s party this winter when I got a look from the guy of “I’m not so flaming anymore, I’m going to fucking kill you”… so – I think straight people are kind of confused about this aspect of the gay world.
  • The EWWWW factor: I think I’m pretty open minded but, if I really think about what goes on behind closed doors with a gay (male [all guys are allowed to by hypocrites about this in regards to gay women :) ]) relationships it definitely “limps me out and makes my stomach turn a bit”. Kind of like the often cited gay response “you stick your dick in something that bleeds a week a month”? Well – being a sociopath I’d say “humans are gross” – but… you get the idea.
  • The minority/PC issue: Look, you’re different from the majority. It doesn’t take a degree in after-school-specials to understand how this effects you in a tribal species that works on “fitting in”. Is this fair? Hell no! Nothings fair. Am I justifying the actions of Joe-gay-basher? I don’t know – there’s a line and it’s really fuzzy between what’s human nature and what’s beyond-the-pale. I fucking hate bubble-head bimbos… for totally fucked reasons that’s OK in PC land/society. The first step to being treated equally in a group is to fit in. The guy who shows up at IBM wearing a giant chicken outfit is going to have a rough time of it. Does he have to hate chickens to make it? No, but he does have to make some kind of effort to fit in. You get the point here. You’re gay, nothing you can do about that… but, you don’t have to be G-A-Y (flashing multicolored text) 24/7… I don’t talk about my hetro sex fetishes 24/7 … tone it down (this of course doesn’t apply to the majority of gay people I’ve met… just the ones who always seem to be “the victims” in totally gay friendly venues).
  • Stop being a victim: No-one likes people who bitch and moan constantly. Pick your battles. Is being accepted by a backwards religious institution that seems dead set against your lifestyle in pretty un-arguable passages of their backwards text really worth the fight? Equal rights of married people seems reasonable… expecting the Catholics to rewrite their ridiculous Bible on this issue seems un-realistic.

I closing – I don’t think most straight people hate gay people. I consider my gay friends to be a step above the breeders… they’re fun, smart, very open minded and get something about society that most breeders don’t. I think all these “we hate them issues” we see constantly in the “media” are sensationalist at best and, at worst, just completely wrong and fueling a fire that should have died long ago.