Mothers: 138K ???

In another shining example of “looking for news” the devoid of reality knabobs at are reporting Mom’s could make $138K/year.

1) doing laundry isn’t work… it takes all of 5 minutes… you don’t get credit just because the machine is on.

2) cooking is also not work. if you don’t like to cook you can eat out for prices that are very similar to what you spend on the raw ingredients. i cook because i like to, if I didn’t I could definitely live on $5 burritos, grocery store salad bars, etc., etc.

3) house keeping isn’t work. if you live by yourself or with 3 people, vacuuming, general cleaning, etc. all takes about the same amount of time. it comes with living… this is like claiming breathing as a work item.

4) my favorite is “psychologist”: practicing with out a license comes to mind (and as a fair scape goat for many of America’s ills). talking to your kids isn’t psychiatry.

I’m not saying raising kids is a walk in the park but, it’s not like we’re forcing this down your throat. Claiming every waking moment of your day as “work” is well beyond ridiculous. You want to know what you’re worth? Go out and price an Au Pair… I’m pretty (100%) sure they’re not making $138K. brings the rate in around $350/week or $17,500/year.

This article also assumes the husband does absolutely nothing except go to his day job. Something I haven’t seen anywhere in the US with any family I know.


mattMay 6th, 2007 at 8:52 pm

There would be lots of reasons for people to firebomb your house after reading this site. But I agree that to say that parenthood is the equivalent of a 92 hour work week is a bit silly. Is playing with the kid considered work? That’s a pretty tough sell.