I was pretty psyched when the Verizon people let me know I could upgrade to FIOS (which is a 15MB internet connection for my home/office). It went about as badly as I’d expect it to… but in reverse order. I assumed they’d install it and it wouldn’t work for a week. Instead, they shut off my DSL week before they install FIOS, which had me working out of the Kirkland Library which, while nice (free, very fast, wifi), is only open 10-6 and has some ass destroying wooden chairs.

Anyway – FIOS is installed and it kicks ass. Joost is now totally usable (internet TV, let me know if you want an invite – it’s really nice). Just for the hell of it I did a DVD rental from Amazon’s Unbox (LAME! – PC only… but I have parallels on the Mac so I could still use it). Rented a 2GB movie and downloaded it in 20 minutes. Sweet.

If FIOS is an option where you live, upgrade, it’s worth it.

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Benjamin CurtisJune 6th, 2007 at 9:03 am

Congrats on the FIOS, but man, you could have come hung out in my office for a week. :)