Fucking DMV

It took me two hours to register my car with the DMV today.

Wait in line, forever, find out they don’t take credit cards. What kind of ass backwards place doesn’t take credit cards? I’ve been on mud streets in Guatemala buying art from someone who I wasn’t entirely convinced had heard of the wheel yet and they took credit cards. And who still takes checks? Oh – the DMV.

I, being me, of course bitched to the DMV automaton… “You have to understand, this is the government”. Oh yah – the government that went to the fucking moon in the 60’s… now I understand. WTF?

So – I go to their ATM (aparently the government can put high fee ATM’s in their offices, but can’t take credit cards). It only allows me to withdraw $200 and I needed to pay the Satan worshiping US government $300. So – I withdraw $200… but it only gives me $140. So, I spend 15 minutes delicately prying the remaining money out of the fucking machine. Then, because I’m a retard, I try to take out the rest of the money I need. Now, the infernal machine won’t give me any money, no error message, nothing… it just says “Thank you, amount returned $0”. Wow – I think the government might have created this machine.

So – I go back in line, to get my paper work, and the lady says… just come back with a check, you won’t have to wait again.

I go home, realize that, oh yah, no-one uses checks anymore and I don’t actually have any.

I go down to Bank of America. Their ATM won’t give me any money. This is the same bank that has shut down every one of my credit cards 3 times in the last week for shopping on Amazon… and, after two weeks, they still haven’t figured out how to mail me a replacement. So, you know, I love these fuckers too. So, I go inside, and they give me my money.

I go back to the DMV and, the automaton that said I wouldn’t have to wait isn’t there, so, I get to wait again, this time for 40 minutes.

I’m finally honored enough to pay these twits and leave.

Man I hate governments, banks, people, pretty much any group much larger than 3. I seriously need to move back on to a boat and get the fuck away from society for a while.