B-rated military flicks??????

This has bugged me for years. What the fuck is up with all these horrible, apparently fairly high budget, never make it to the theater, military movies? I’m watching (and drinking) The Hunt for Eagle One

There are tons of them on basic cable. They all seem to cost a fair amount. I’ve never seen them in stores, movie theaters… just late night crap TV (you know – the 42% ads TNT type channels) and of course, the worlds worst movie cable channel Encour-Action.

I get the low budget bad movies (well, not really) but these look like they cost a lot but still suck so bad that there’s no way they broke even… so what’s up? Is there some fantastic wealth to be made in this “market”?

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KatAugust 3rd, 2007 at 7:48 pm

Tax write off?