Fun with dicks

Paul Slusher is a buyers agent – which means he stands to make 3% for showing someone my house… after meeting him today I just had to send him, his office and his CEO this love note:

Paul Slusher

When you called me this morning and our conversation went like:

Me: “We’re having an open house today, I don’t know if anyone will show up, so come by at anytime.”
Paul: “I wouldn’t expect much, it is Sound Realty”

I thought – “gee – what a dick”.

I told the Broker/Realtor I’m working with, as kind of a joke: “This total dick called this morning…”

Then you showed up and you surpassed expectations. You were a complete and total ass monkey. You were, by far, the most over confident, brash individual I’ve met in a while – and I spent a lot of time at Harvard – where they breed these types. The second sentence out of your mouth was “I’ve been a Realtor for 3 years”. Note to dick: don’t brag about being in business for 3 years (3 years of possibly the hottest real estate market in US history) … what a joke – so, you’ve learned how to do Real Estate in a market that’s so hot you don’t even need to list them? I’m super impressed. Can we get a round of applause for the man who can go potty unattended? Wait – I know – you should be appointed to Bush’s cabinet!

But, then, when my broker said something to you about this and you almost got in a fist fight with him, in front of people looking at the house … well, I was kind of hoping he’d kick your little punk ass but, alas, it just ended in ugliness and you left. Don’t come back, ever.

Really man. As someone whose been around the block a few times and has had a job for about 9 times a long as you… let me give you a little advice. For your own sake, go get a dish washer job and learn some humility, really, I mean that – it’s exactly what your type needs.

I don’t care if you have a cash buyer whose willing to pay in Euro’s … if you bring them here don’t expect anything pleasant to happen to you.

And, in case you’re thinking of doing something even more immature – well, let’s just say I’ll raise the bar far beyond anything you’ll be able to comprehend.

As someone who knows a good deal of the tech community in the area and a large number of Realtors, brokers and owners – your name is mud (aka dick).

I’m more than happy to work with (i.e. pay your commission) any other Windermere agents… just not Paul Slusher.

Have a nice day, dick,

owner: 330 7th Ave., Kirkland WA 98033