2/3’s of the world want US out of Iraq

The BBC reports that 2/3’s of the world wants the US out of Iraq.

As a “peace-nic” my thoughts on this might be confusing to some. Personally, I’m all for taking out lunatics and really wish the US would be the worlds police – just not George W Fucking Bush. And – “worlds police” comes with a “without profit motive” clause that, unfortunately, we’ve never seen in the US. So – what I’m saying is, if you’re an evil dictator, torturer, etc. you should die. That goes for all of them (wink, wink, I’m not allowed to list some of them in public, like the American ones).

And, while completely flawed, I believe “democracy” (aka ruled by commercial entities) is probably the best thing going… although the “socialism” found in Scandinavia has me thinking “maybe I should go live there for a spot”.

Anyway… about the 2/3’s who want us out. You realize what will happen, right? You really think that’s better? I could be wrong but I predict we’ll see uber-ultra-evil-Sadham-look-a-like take power in Iraq about a day after we leave. That or just mass killing on a genocide level.

World – I hate this too but, really, run-away is a pretty lame strategy on this one.

Just so I’m not bitching without a solution… my solution is:
1) divide the country – it becomes 3 countries.
2) police those countries (i.e. border control).
3) get the UN peace keeping forces involved

Basically a Bosnia game plan.