Book Review: The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point is about epidemics (mostly social) and how they start, last, and end. It was interesting from a marketing/PR perspective in that it came up with a classification for different types of people. There are the communicators (people who have tons of social connections and are key in starting social epidemics), the salesman (people who, duh, sell and idea) and the mavens (freaks who are extremely interested in whatever epidemic we’re talking about).

The book was a bit too verbose (I prefer textbooks :) but still was pretty interesting and definitely changed the way I look at viral advertising (word of mouth advertising) and how I think about how to do promotions in general. I think Gladwell often had a few too many assumptions for this to be called a science but his ideas are pretty close to a science.

Anyway – pretty good book – I’d definitely recommend it to people in sales and marketing or anyone trying to promote an idea.