Ludicrous Diversion

Take the 27 minutes it’ll cost you and watch Ludicrous Diversion – a documentary on the 7/7 bombings in London. If you’re intrigued – Google Video 9/11 conspiracy. There’s a lot of “nut job” to filter out but there are also some extremely relevant questions.

I know – you think I’m a nut for even suggesting this. In a society/government that has people dedicated to giving me tickets for j-walking, not wearing a seat belt, searching my shoes at the airport and being off on my taxes by $100 is it too unreasonable to expect a person dedicated to answering questions on events that radically change our lives (in laws, constitution, wars, taxes and economy)? “I’m sorry – we just don’t have time for that”.

While I don’t know much about the 7/7 bombings (that being relative, I read a lot of papers, but haven’t read everything there is to read about 7/7 like I have with 9/11) Ludicrous Diversion brings up relevant points that any “free” society should be concerned about.

Like 7/7 there are many details which should be trivial for the government to make public yet which they refuse to. Why is this? If I’m pulled over for drunk driving and refuse to take a sobriety test they assume I was drunk and nail me to the cross… why should we be any different with the government? Why does an organization renown for hiring 20 people to screw in a light bulb get to claim “not enough resources” for basic questions?

Like 9/11, 7/7 has many of these questions. For one London, renown throughout the free world as the closest implementation of 1984 on the planet refuses to release CCTV (close circuit tv, which they have 1000’s of in London) footage (which is public record) of the suspects. They were apparently too busy with the “War on Terrorism” to have time to actually release this. This is just the first in a long list of half baked excuses. 9/11 is full of the exact same garbage.

Is any complex event ever 100% lucid? No. But, if I ask “what’s on the video of a public place that you won’t let us see?” and you refuse to answer… well, I think that’s within the realm of reasonable expectations, especially given the societal impacts on 9/11 and the 7/7 events.

For the record I don’t believe the party line on 9/11 – not by a long shot. There are trivial to answer questions about that day that have been marked secret and withheld for no reason. Drunk-driver analogy: guilty – why else would you refuse a sobriety test?

While I don’t know tons about 7/7 it sounds like similar shenanigans have taken place.

When do we call bullshit on this?

To me – conspiracy theories (i.e. the defacto “he’s a fucking nut case”) are wild conjecture based on crazy assumptions. Both 9/11 and 7/7 are trying to ask questions that the government has acknowledge having answers to yet refuses to release. That’s not crazy. That’s investigation work 101. “Where were you on the night of the murder?” “I’m not telling”…. yah – see how that plays out in any court, in any nation.

To Aaron specifically who will ask “but what does it matter – what could I do?”… the Ludicrous Diversion documentary has some answers to that, that are even valid in the US.

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mattSeptember 9th, 2007 at 4:03 pm

Hasn’t bullshit already been called? That’s what these videos are doing. Unfortunatly, most of the U.S. doesn’t agree that deception is taking place. Just ask people (and not just your liberal-minded and highly educated friends).

Regarding, “what can we do?” – the video gives you some ideas, but also tells you it will be pointless. Any member of congress who stands up and demands a “real” investigation into 9/11 will find his political career over in a heartbeat. He’ll be called a quack by his collegues and the media. Likewise, if CNN came out with a piece even hinting that the government was behind 9/11, their advertisers would all run screaming and they’d go out of business. So, go ahead and write letters. By the way, have you?