Kiting at Ocean Shores

Aaron and I headed down to Ocean Shores today to play with kites. He had two, I had three, we both only flew one each. One of mine needed more wind. The other (4 line) was tangled beyond beach repair. Aaron’s was just not opened.

The wind was a bit light but picked up enough to use my kite-surfing trainer. Pretty easy to fly. A bitch to solo relaunch and I’m not sure I could fly it in the power window and chew gum at the same time yet… Kwin mentioned this is an important first step before kite-surfing (the other being loosing 100lbs).

Ocean Shores, for the uninitiated, is a shitty strip mall of a town on a very long beach, 3 hours from Seattle, which you and every other redneck with a penis envy issue can drive on. Pretty much paradise lost… but it’s a damn good place to fly a kite – Seattle being the least windiest place on earth.

Kiting at Ocean Shores, WA

In other news I took this picture with photo-booth on the Mac and uploaded it using EVDO on the beach… pretty seriously considering spending a week with solar panels, the laptop and a big ass tent and working on the sand…

ben at ocean shores