Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh test marketed their new home delivery service, oddly enough, on Mercer Island. They started serving other areas around Seattle a month or so ago and, being a needs-help-Amazon-fan, I had to try them out. Like everything Amazon… Amazon Fresh rocks.

It’s a pretty usable shopping cart with a good selection. If they don’t have something, email them, they actually have a human reply and let you know if they’ll be adding your suggestions. They have a super flexible delivery schedule, including a pre-dawn option, which is what I chose.

Amazon Fresh Scheduling

Pre-dawn means they deliver it before 6am and just leave it at your front door. The order arrived this morning at 4:10am (yah – I was up). Delivery is free for orders over $50.

They went a bit over board on branding, they have branded bags, plastic boxes, even their ice packs are branded.

I ordered a flank steak and a chicken breast and they look really nice, they’re vacum-sealed but fresh (not frozen).

I think you actually save money ordering this way. Their prices seem reasonable and I spend less when getting just what I need, instead of walking up and down the isles. An added bonus is you can just keep your shopping list on their site and hit order when you want them to deliver.

Anyway – I’d highly recommend them if they deliver to your area.

Some “exciting” pics…

Amazon Fresh Order

Amazon Fresh Cold Box

They put the cold stuff in a cooler-box

Amazon Fresh Ice Pack
With branded ice.