Fair Housing Act

A Chicago non-profit apparently has enough money to monitor Craigslist ad postings for “fair housing act” violations and go whining to the Feds about it.

Can we all just grow up? If some landlord really only wants “Clean Godly Christian Males”, or hates children, or can’t stand professional mimes then I’d like to know that up front if I’m a renter. Wouldn’t you? I’d hate to get a rental and have a landlord who secretly hates my guts… that’d really, really suck.

Having just rented out my house I found this “fair housing act” ridiculous. I’m renting someone something that’s valued at around $600K. I’m looking at months of legal expenses to evict them if they decide not to pay and “getting blood from a stone” is probably your option for recovering damages. Since it’s pretty fucking unreasonable to ask for $600K damage deposit I think I should be able to be as picky as I want.

When some 19 year old girl comes to look at your rental, works at the local coffee shop, tells you right upfront that she can barely afford 1/3 of the rent you’re asking but has 2 other friends that won’t mind living in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath … I mean – I could have saved her a lot of time if I could have put “will only consider financially stable couple, preferably in their late 20’s or older with professional jobs and no kids” in the ad.

Thankfully we didn’t have to break the law or play those games and lucked out with dream tenants but, seriously, if Boy George shows up to “wants clean godly christian” guys rental – does anyone believe he’s not going to find a reason not to rent to him? And would Boy George really want to live there anyway?

It’s just petty and silly.