Top Gear + Bama = Hilarity


On a recent Top Gear episode one of their challenges was to: their cars across Alabama without getting shot.

Hard indeed, but near impossible if you have shit painted all over your car. When Sarah and I went to the south we removed all of our left wing stickers, dead stickers, etc and we’re still pretty scared (The first thing we saw after crossing the Mason-Dixon line was a black mannequin hanging by the neck with a big Nazi sign that said “we’re back and we’re #1” – and it got worse) .

This episode is a sad testament to just how backwards large swaths of this country are… but fucking funny.

Must watch video here.

Top Gear is on BBCA in the US – a must add Tivo item.

The show ends with them driving through New Orleans disaster areas asking America how we can sleep at night. While trying to give away their cars to charity they are run out of town by an angry black gang.

Fucking south.