Currents – getting from Friday to Seattle

I always new Puget Sound had pretty tricky currents but planning my sail from Friday Harbor to Seattle was pretty tricky.

Cool nautical map browser.
Cool tide/current browser.

With currents running close to hull speed you need to really time your sailing (sailing on a schedule is bad). Add to that very short days and desire not to sail unfamiliar, large ship chocked water in the dark (at least for the first time) and you’ve got some pretty tight deadlines. Through in a full moon and the currents are even worse.

About 80 miles… need to leave Friday in the very early morning (dark) to make Cattle Pass before the tide turns. Since I won’t make Admiralty Inlet before the obnoxious 4+ knot current kicks I guess it’s 40 miles on day one down to the Port Townsend Canal and 40 miles the next day continuing down to Seattle. I’m giving my self 4 days for a 2 day sail. And, of course, doing this solo.

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