Doing the boat thing

I went up to Friday Harbor and back for the Westsail 28 survey yesterday.

Hanging out with Steve and Dave all day yesterday (the survey took from 9:30 until 3:30pm) reminded me of why “doing the boat thing” is the coolest thing on earth. Boat people (specifically cruisers, more specifically sailboat-cruisers) are almost always really interesting people. They see society and life in a different way (I might say a better way). They’re minimalists, adventurers, usually environmentalists, and always different. You just don’t meet people like this “doing the office thing”.

Steve Berg of Berg Marine Surveys sailed 50,000 miles in the Pacific from Seattle to Ecuador to New Zealand and most points in between. He is easily one of the most interesting people I’ve met in years and the 2 hour ferry ride didn’t seem long enough. You just don’t do something like sail 50,000 miles without having some really great stories and experiences. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Dave lived on the Westsail 28 for years around the San Juans and tinkers with electric cars in Friday Harbor during his retirement.

While sailing is great fun and cruising is extremely interesting the real point of “mucking about in boats” is the people you meet. I’ve never met the caliber of people I’ve met while sailing in any other walk of life.

Hauling the Westsail 28 out for a survey

Steve on the left, Dave on the right.