Installing Haskel on OSX

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While I can’t for the life of me understand why people watch sports I felt obliged to watch the Pat’s 16-0 perfect season game last night so I could be in the loop, “culturally” speaking.

I’ve been reading about Haskell for a while now and decided it’d be more fun to play with while soliving math problems over on Euler than very fast, but pretty boring D.

Installing Haskell on Mac OSX took longer than the football game… so here’s what it takes, since this is pretty badly documented.

  1. Update ports: sudo port selfupdate
  2. Update xcode to 2.5 (it’s a 1GB download [!!!!])
  3. Bailing on a botched install requires clean up, so do one just in case: sudo port clean ghc
  4. Install (this takes FOREVER, you’ll think it crashed): sudo port install ghc

If all goes well you should be able to type in “ghci” and get the interactive Haskell interpreter.

Haskell looks fun and has a really good wiki book as well.