Mac Genius

Mac, along with the democrats, has now become the least horrible choice. No doubt they’ve been taking customer service tips from their brother in fan-boy’ism: Google.

Apple decided that fan boys tripping, in glee, over their power cords and pulling their laptops from irrelevant into not-working was such a problem that they would take a two phase solution:

  1. MagSafe – allows the cord to fall out easily
  2. Frequent replacement – to up their once dismal sales (which aparently worked)

This comes at an $80 price tag though. I’ve been using computers since 3rd grade and I’ve never had a power cord fail. So – it was probably high time to redesign them.

These cords failing, on the internets, seem to be pretty common. 327,000 hits. Although many posts about this claimed they’d just replace them if you went to the Mac store.

So – I went down to the mall – always a great time – to get a new cord. I’m met by some kid who looks like he is going to rave instead of work.

Mac Rave Freak: “Can I help you?”

(he’s standing next to 10 life sized card board cut outs of Steve Jobs black t-shirt zombie-hotties)

Me: “My power cord died – I guess it’s a common thing. Can I get a new one quickly?”

Mac Rave Freak: “Did you schedule an appointment with a Mac Genius?”

So – you need to schedule an appointment to return defective shit. Combining this with anything “genius” is beyond ironic.

Me: “No. It’s not like they’re going to rewire the cord while I wait or install a new driver. I just want a new cord. This happens all the time”

Mac Rave Freak: “I”ve never heard of this”

Another genius who’s yet to use Google.

I buy another cord… $80 pooooof!

And I amusingly set up an appointment with a Mac Genius to “discuss” this cord issue.

Attention Mac “Genius”. By definition, if you’re a retail clown there is virtually no chance you’re a genius. I’ve got shit to do, places to be, $65+/hr to bill. While it pisses me off to no end to give you ass hats more money – you really think I’m going to drive across town to “discuss” a broken power cord with you? It’s called cutting your losses. I’ll find another way recoup $80 for your sorry, black t-shirt wearing, single mouse button ass monkies.

Fuck corporate America. We can now add “genius” along with “hero” to the over-used-and-now-meaningless bucket.

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mattDecember 31st, 2007 at 5:22 pm

OMG. I think I would have burst out in uncontrollable laughter at, “Did you schedule an appointment with a Mac Genius?”