Amazon vs PCC

While this is far from completely scientific this is a comparison between a popular organic grocery store in Seattle: PCC and Amazon Fresh: which delivers and allows you to order online.

I actually thought this would be about even but it turns out Amazon is 20% cheaper. In this comparison I tried to match similar products (i.e. organic to organic), I calculated out weights for produce and dropped items when I couldn’t find a reasonable match.

To PCC’s credit – they do do the whole local thing, in that they buy local whenever possible. This is something I assume Amazon Fresh doesn’t do.

To Amazon’s credit – they deliver, I can order online and, most importantly, I don’t have to deal with unbelievably annoying organic/health-food types. I don’t know what it is about that crowd but they drive me crazy.

Yah – I’ve pretty much gone vegetarian. The meat from Amazon Fresh smells funky – but has never made me ill


garam masala 4.21 2.54

organic eggs 3.35 3.99

organic half and half 1.88 2.19

organic cumin 3.72 4.69

San Pellegrino 1.87 1.99

tofy 1.59 2.59

organic basil 2.79 3.49

carrot 1.69 1

organic cauliflower 3.99 7.12

organic garlic 1.6 2.04

organic ginger root 2.79 2.38

organic green onion 0.99 1.29

organic red onion 1.6 2.32

sprouts 0.69 1.49

organic roma tomatoes (1lb) 2.49 4.67

organic tomatoes on vine 4.29 6.17

organic, free range eggs 3.35 3.89

42.89 53.85

Savings 20%