Obama won every county in Washington State. The “Democratic” party awarded it’s delegates Obama-65, Clinton-37 for WA. You can thank the Super Delegates for Clinton-37.

This is following not one, but two stolen presidential elections. That’s not even a conspiracy anymore, at least the second one, the Ohio State Election Board stated that the election was stolen and Ohio decided the last presidential election.

It’s not that I even really mind the well educated, super wealthy and corporations ignoring the largely retarded American population and calling the shots. I mean – I guess I’m all for keeping the fucking rednecks for voting slavery back in.

What really pisses me off is the theatrics and how just blatantly ridiculous it all is. I hear (from very educated people) “Get out and vote”, “You can’t complain if you don’t vote”, “You have the right to vote if you’re not happy”. I mean, come on, do you really think you have a choice? Ignoring the fact that choosing between manikin #1 and manikin #2 isn’t really a choice, and that nothing but a manikin would every make it into the elections anyway – you don’t even have a fucking choice of manikins.

I’m going to shoot your mom or your dad. Please vote – you have a choice.

But – what’s laughable – is you don’t even have that choice anymore.

On NPR the other night some big wig in the DNC said that the super delegates would follow the will of the people. When asked what would happen if they didn’t he brushed it off with a “well, we can play the ‘if’ game all night” type response. Well – WA isn’t an “if” – and neither are the rest of th states.