Fez = Super Mario ++

I’m not really much of a game player but will admit to loving Super Mario. Enter Fez, it’s like Super Mario but with a brilliant twist… the world is 3D but you play in 2D. You can rotate the world around the Y axis and, when you stop rotating – you play that view as 2D… watch the video – it’s pretty cool…

Another independent game that looks really promising is: Iron Dukes

And, in a similar – “mess with reality” arena – the YingYang game is really a bit of a mind fuck.

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KippFebruary 24th, 2008 at 2:44 pm

If you like Super Mario, you should try Super Paper Mario. It is very similar to this although Fez seems to be a bit more complicated and very tricky. I haven’t played Super Paper Mario, but I did play Paper Mario and it was very fun.