Outragious stupidity du jour

16 year old boy has consensual sex with a 13 year old girl and is a registered sex offender for life

Everyone who had sex before 18 please raise their hands. You’re all sex offenders.

From the Kinsey Institute:

Percent of population having had first intercourse, by age



25% by age 15 26% by age 15
37% by age 16 40% by age 16
46% by age 17 49% by age 17
62% by age 18 70% by age 18
69% by age 19

77% by age 19
85% by age 20-21 81% by age 20-21
89% by age 22-24 92% by age 22-24

Average age of first intercourse, by gender


So – there you go… something like 50% of America should be on the registered sex offenders list.

There’s something else here as well… why the hell isn’t the girl also a registered sex offender? Oh – that’s right – because boys are bad and girls are good.

Seriously – this country has too many hang ups. Sure – we should prosecute people for rape but, consensual sex? Yah – it’s probably not great to have 13 year olds having consensual sex but it really shouldn’t be categorized as a sex offender crime.

Who are these people who are so uptight in this country? I seriously need to get the fuck out of here.