The usual bullshit: Spitzer

Spitzer, a ridiculously hard core law and order type, resigns over prostitution scandal. Mean while we’ve got Bush and Cheney who lied to get us into a war that’s killed 100’s of thousands of people and bankrupted America.

And, yes, I’m saying: If we’re a nation of laws, that has to start at the top. If you’re ruining careers over ridiculous vice laws then lets make sure the laws are enforced at the top first. Starting with genocide and crimes against the constitution.

But, the important lesson from Spitzer isn’t about Spitzer at all, it’s about abusing the spying powers the Federal Government have demanded post 9/11. Spitzer was caught because all banks in the US run data mining operations on all of their data and hand over those findings to several federal agencies daily so they can catch money laundering schemes and prevent terrorism.

But – is that what they’re doing with that data? Not in Spitzer’s case. In Spitzer’s case they went out of their way (going as far as to set up a sting operation) to bust a guy on a relatively minor vice crime (which is legal NV and numerous countries).

Keep that in mind. The government is now openly tapping your phones and spying on internet traffic. Do you really believe that they’re going to only use this information for the “war on [non-existent] terror”? Spitzer’s case isn’t the first time they’ve broken that promise – and it won’t be the last.