Started paragliding again

I started paragliding again with Seattle Paragliding. This is my third (and hopefully final) try to get certified to fly. Paragliding is simple – it’s finding the time to do the training that’s hard… they don’t call it para-waiting for nothing.

Our first day was just kiting as the launch on Tiger Mt. was blown out. Kiting is fun and surprisingly exhausting. It just involves launching your kite and keeping it in control above your head. This is very important as you don’t want an out of control kite when you’re standing on a cliff. The gusty wind provided some good practice. I did OK – need to work on reverse controls (you typically strap in to the kite facing forward then turn around so you can see the kite, this reverses your control lines).

Equipment barn
The equipment barn. A good place to try out new harnesses.

Kiting at Marymoore Park (Redmond, WA)
Kiting practice

Building the "wall"
Building the “wall” a precursor to launching the kite.

Two guys - one kite
Due to gusty winds they started us off tied together. Not a big fan of this and I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to teach you. But, it was amusing. Thanks to my weight – I had no problems with the gusty winds if I used a smaller kite.