This week in Fascism


This week in Fascism is a weekly column with a collection of articles and videos show casing the slide into a fascist police state.

Rendition Movie

See Rendition and ask yourself why this, and the rest of post 9/11 crap is going on. You’re American – this is no longer about some other evil country – we’re doing this now. More on Extrodinary Rendition


Net Neutrality

If corporate america has it’s way and the usually do (and that’s called fascism) they’ll soon be controlling what you have access to online.

Pentagon Propoganda

The news wasn’t pathetic enough so the Pentagon’s Orwellian named Office of Strategic Influence had to step in and control the show a bit more.

It is well funded, is being run by a general and its aim is to influence public opinion abroad… which is only need because even Satan would have issues with the US at this point.

The Pentagon Strangles Our Economy

Well, the Pentagon and bunch of other complete farm animal policies… The Pentagon Strangles Our Economy: Why the U.S. Has Gone Broke

Who really controls the Federal Reserve

This should really replace whatever the definition of “old boys club” currently is.
Who really controls the Federal Reserve?.

Oil profits

Shell makes 7.8 billion in the first quarter (3 months). Remember – it’s critical these companies pay almost no taxes while you pay around 33% – they couldn’t survive otherwise. Please contact your representive and plead for even greater support for big oil, you know, before they go broke and we have to finally do something smart – like come up with a fucking energy policy that doesn’t predate the big bang.

Border become even more of a police state

Yah – I didn’t think it was possible either. Courts rule that it’s no just fine for the border patrol to not only snoop around the contents of your computer… but back them up, permanently… you know – just in case you step out of line sometime in the future.

Microsoft felt really bad for the poor storm troopers who are really only trained in doughnut consumption so they made a nice little device (that requires all feds to buy more MS bullshit, but the device is free – MS is, after all, a good guy) with a device that allows police access your computer

War is a cover up for making money

This isn’t new news… well, not to the 3% of the country that reads… 2 page summary of a 1935 book covering this.

Terror Industrial Complex

The military industrial complex wasn’t quite evil enough… so they improved it…

One of George W. Bush’s long-lasting legacies may be what President Dwight Eisenhower might have called the “terror-industrial complex,” a vast web of interlocking corporations, government agencies and consultancies that have turned the shock of 9/11 into a blank check against the U.S. Treasury.

In this guest essay, the Independent Institute’s Ian S. Lustick looks at the ever-expanding size of this leviathan that is devouring tax dollars and American liberties

Cheney is Immune

Cheney office argues that he and his staff are completely immune from congressional oversight. That’s right: Completely immune. (Washington Post)

False Flag Operations

For all of those who think False Flag opts are the things of mad conspiracy theorists… tapes that prove Gulf of Tonkin was a False Flag operation

Of course – this is just a once in a empire thing (there’s indisputable evidence the government has a long history of this)

Iran drops US Dollar

We move another air craft carried group into the gulf… spring fishing in the gulf kicks ass! But, really, we want to invade them because of nuclear issues…. it’s got nothing to do with the US $, Israel, oil or the fact that Bush is bat shit insane … what are you thinking?
CNN: Iran Drops US Dollar (sorry for the CNN link)

Corporate rights – better than yours

Why do corporations have more rights than people? – because, they couldn’t be as corrupt all of the time if there didn’t, which might cut into their profits. If that happens, yup, you got it, the terrorists win!

UN Calls for Inquiry on 9/11

Because the US couldn’t do better than a 2 year old with the 9/11 Commission Report. Not that we listen to the UN unless it’s super convenient and fucks our competition but, hell, thanks for trying UN – some of us appreciate it! UN Calls for inquiry about the role of the NeoCons in 9/11.

Voting Machines

Yah – they still don’t work… here’s proof. Is it me or is counting fucking votes like a 3rd grade programming assignment these days. i++; – it’s not a PhD problem.

Big Alcohol moves to ban Salvia

Because they’re concerned for our health. Salvia is like a very, very short (5 minutes) quadruple strenght LSD… supposedly pretty intense… better ban it. No new experiences for you. The government knows what’s best for you, please stop thinking on your own.

War on Terror: Full employment program?

War is a racket: Is the War on Terror really a full employment program?

Bush buys war criminal retreat

This is another really disturbing “if you’re not planning anything horrific why are you buy 100,000 acres ranch in Paraguay?” issue. Paraguay – home to all the worlds criminals because of a lack of extradition treaty. Ooops – Paraguay is reneging on that deal… aw… I’m sure the Bush empire could just buy the whole fucking country. Bush buys 100,000 acre’s in Paraguay – a notorious retreat for international criminals