Duck Dodge

The Duck Dodge (horrible web site), as far as I can tell, is a laid back Tuesday night race on Lake Union. It’s pretty crazy though with 90+ boats showing up. After the “race” there’s a raft up party. You can’t miss this if you’re out here. Beg, borrow or steal your way onto a boat and attend. Tons of fun.

I was crewing during the race and the guys who had time to shoot didn’t shoot shit. Will be better next Tuesday when I take the Westsail out. But, some before and after pictures.

Leaving Christy's house boat...
We met at Christy’s House Boat to take out Ken’s Laguna 25 (which he is keeping there). Harry exit. Awesome house boat. If I ever do the “house” thing again it’s going to be a house boat.

Duck Dodge raft up party
After the race (which is absolutely insane) there’s a big raft up party

Duck Dodge raft up party
People go from boat to boat… there’s usually a theme – a few boats thought it was still Pirate Theme, but that was last week.

Raft break up chaos
When the raft breaks up, chaos ensues… I’m amazed there isn’t more damage/sinkings… pretty funny. Half the raft almost drifted into the house boats on the east side of Lake Union.