More work on Hello World – night sailing – long weekend

Wow – exhausting frickin weekend. Friday we were at Hello World until almost midnight. Saturday we spent most of the day working on Hello World. They discovered some keel problems (fixed today), we worked on repairing the huge scratch it got during shipping, scrubbed some blue off the hull to prep for bottom paint, drank way too much beer and ate a crappy sub from Fred Myers.

After working on Hello World Fisher and I had way too many drinks with Les and Jane on K-Dock then, because we’re wicked smart, went sailing at 12:30am and didn’t get back until 4am. Saw some cool thunder storms off in the distance around 3am.

Today we spent another day working on Hello World again. Probably a few more days of work ahead. It’s kind of fun, but tiring.

Oh yeah – my hands are permanently blue. Bottom paint is tons of fun that way.

More pics on this tag.

Hello World
Fisher after a long day under the keel.