10 Signs you should have made a New Years resolution

This is unfortunately completely original…

10) You’re in the top 5% of world wide income and people are still dropping change in your coffee cup and mistaking you for a homeless dude.

9) You’re wishing the rain would come back because the snow is worse.

8) Jack Daniels – it’s not just for lunch anymore, goes well with rice for breakfast.

7) Working hunched over sitting cross legged in your v-berth finally seems normal.

6) You can’t even manage to keep the 10 square feet of living space on your 28 foot boat organized

5) You feel personally responsible for Amazon beating it’s projections in 2008.

4) You were building/installing a WordPress server at half your normal rate at 4am on Christmas morning.

3) You are prepacked rice for christmas eve dinner.

2) Working Christmas Eve and morning, New Years Eve and morning was one of the better Christmas’ you’ve had in a while.

1) You received a hat and scarf for your Jack bottle.


KatJanuary 3rd, 2009 at 9:12 pm

nyah. But I still love you.

MattJanuary 6th, 2009 at 9:16 pm

Sounds like Christmas was RUINED. That’s how it’s best. The Jack hat and scarf is absolutely priceless. You should come visit. We have an empty bedroom.