On 38

Early morning at the office

4:30am – at the office – working – pretty standard.

Looking back on 38…

Finally have a job I like.

Finally have a newish car (first for me).

Finally got diagnosed with diabetes (inevitable given my lifestyle).

Finally got my brain working a bit closer to normal.

Finally moved back onto a boat.

Finally took a summer off.

Finally starting to feel older. When “they” (radio, tv, most people) say “when I was a kid” they’re refering to the 80’s, not the 70’s most of the time. I’ve been the oldest guy at work for a while now. The Prez is only a few years older than me. I’m starting to think of 30 as young and just totally don’t get what 20 year olds view point is. I’m woefully out of touch with pop culture.

38 was hard, really hard, but, it turned out well towards the end.