Olympic National Park trip

All photos are up on Flickr.

With 25-30′ seas being predicted my friend Julie from work and I decided to take off to the Olympic coast yesterday. It was a very long 13.5 hour drive round trip from here, to Edmonds/Kingston, out to Neah Bay and Cape Flattery and then south along the Olympic National Park beaches, through Aberdeen and back home via Olympia on I-5.

Julie at Cape Flattery (1)

Cape Flattery was wet, windy and cold. Seas couldn’t have been more than 10-15 (if that). Kind of a disappointment but, Cape Flattery is spectacular no matter what the weather is like.

Waves just of La Push (1)

We then headed south to La Push (photo above are waves breaking just off La Push), home of the Quileute Nation. The waves were much more impressive at La Push.

On the way to La Push we stopped at the “treaty line” – No Vampires Beyond This Point for a spot of lunch. Good fucking grief! Forks, and everything surrounding it has been completely taken over by this Twilight silliness. There were tons of teenage girls everywhere. People taking pictures in front of the Forks sign. Twilight menus, tours, etc. As Julie told me – the movie wasn’t even filmed in Forks, but in Oregon – but that’s not stopping the girls. I can’t help but think they’re let down when they get there. These definitely aren’t the types that have been to National Parks and thus, Forks. Forks is getting better than it was 10 years ago, but remains a very sorry excuse for a town mostly filled with people who think logging is patriotic or some such nonsense. Well – at least they’ve finally found a revenue stream other than clear cutting and meth labs.

I don’t believe I’ve missed these great cabins at La Push. I’ve been searching and searching for nice places to stay on the coast… there aren’t many of them but, the Quileute Resort has some really sweet beach front cabins ranging from $135 – $280. There’s a convenience store near by and easy access to Olympic beaches via bike trails. There are a few restaurants in La Push that you could easily walk to as well. They also run one of the nicest RV parks I’ve seen. I’d definitely recommend this place and will definitely be back. And, of course, there’s a Twilight package.

Entrance to La Push Harbor

La Push also has a marina and the worlds scariest harbor entrance. I’ve never seen it calm on the west coast… this entrance looked terrifying (photo above).

From La Push we drove south to Ruby Beach. I love this beach. Here are some pics…

Ruby Beach (3)

Sun setting at Ruby Beach

And then we drove down to the imaginatively named Beach 4 for the sunset before heading home.

Sunset at Beach 4  002

All photos are up on Flickr.